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My Favourite Top 15 Shots from 2023!

Check out my top 15 wedding photos from 2023! As a professional wedding photographer, I had the privilege of capturing beautiful and unforgettable moments from some of the most special days of my clients' lives. From intimate ceremonies to lavish celebrations, these photos showcase the love, emotion, and joy that radiated from each wedding. Join me as I reflect on the highlights of the past year and share the stories behind these stunning images.

Christina & Aaron

I love this shot of Aaron helping his new wife down a rocky path on Brentor. Christina is actually bare foot haha!

Sigma Art 85mm 1.4

F3.5~1/1000s~ISO 100

Sophie & Danny

Like alot of weddings in 2023, Sophie and Danny's was a wet one, making outdoor portrait limited.

I've always wanted to do something with love letters, as they are used alot at weddings, are was really please with how this turned out.

Venue - Woodbury park Hotel.

Nikon 24-70mm @24mm

F2.8~1/500~ISO 400~ Flash on cam bouncing for fill light.

Beth & Mike

This is popular place for photographers to places couples at this venue, as the sun sets right behind.

Due to the heavy down pours through out the day, there was a big puddle which created this reflection, I used a flash behind Beth & Mike pointing up to bounce of the arch.

Venue - Rockbeare Manor

Sigma Art 35mm 1.4

F6.3~1/250s~ISO 100

Hazel & Mike

I was pleased to able to finally shoot a wedding at Deer Park Country House last year. Seeing photos from other photographers of the beautiful green house area, I was excited to see what I could get.

I like this simple silhouette shot, with the blue evening sky.

Venue - Deer Park Country House

Sigma Art 35mm 1.4

F9~1/200~ISO 400

Sarah & Richard

I do love a good confetti shot, and this one in particular stands out. I just love how happy and excited they look.

Venue - Wool Hanger Estate

Sigma Art 35mm 1.4

F2.8~1/2000~ISO 180

Christian & Aaron (again)

Another shot from our hike up Brentor. I think the wind catching Christina's veil adds to this shot.

Nikon 24-70mm @24mm


Becky & Reiss

Just a nice simple shot of Becky and her bridesmaids, how amazing are the flowers, done by Daisie Chain Floral 🙂

Venue - Humber Barn

Sigma Art 85mm 1.4

F2.8~1/800~ISO 100

Faith & Toby

I like this shot, because it was my first attempt at a champaign spray shot and loved the results. I've got a few more ideas for this kind of shot for 2024.

I set up a flash behind the group to try and highlight the spray and slightly lowered my shutter to 1/160 to try and get a little movement in the spray.

Venue - Lupton House

Sigma Art 85mm 1.4

Godox AD200 flash


Sarah & Richard

I like the atmosphere/mood to this shot of Sarah sat on a window sill.

Venue -Woolhanger Estate

Sigma Art 35mm 1.4


Beth & Mike

This Lovely pair decided to have to have two days of celebrations for their wedding, and this was a portrait shot from the first day. The City Gate Hotel had this brilliant room to add to the shot.

Venue- The City Gate Hotel



Saskia veil was going crazy in the wind when she arrived at the church, I love that her dad is holding on to it, and that her maid of honour got draped in it!

Sigma Art 35mm 1.4


Amy & Ryan

I was lucky enough to capture Amy & Ryans stunning wedding, which was located on their family farm fields. They had their ceremony in a crop field which i later took them back in for some couple portraits. We didnt get a golden hour, but we did get some lovely moody tones, which i'm a big fan of.

Sigma Art 35mm 1.4


Jasmine & Jake

Jasmine made it clear to me that she loved moody looking shots, which is perfect for me, because so do i (when its possible) I bought these battery powered lamps from Amazon and took them with us for couple shots. I shot this at blue hour so there was a little light left. Shooting with a higher ISO bought put the light from the lamps hitting them better.

Venue- Bickley Mill

Sigma Art 85mm 1.4


Becky & Reiss

Who would have thought a massive harvestore would work in a wedding photo. One of the first weddings I did at Humber barn :)

Venue - Humber Barn

Sigma Art 35mm 1.4


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