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Toby Lidstone Photography | Top 10 wedding moments to capture on camera

Bride and Groom share a kiss on Devon beach wedding

A wedding day is filled with emotions, traditions and an abundance of love. The perfect wedding moments to capture on camera naturally happen as the day unfolds. As a photographer, I've witnessed countless special moments from behind the scenes as take the perfect picture. From posed wedding photo ideas to documenting raw emotions, these are the top wedding moments to capture on camera, to ensure that these special memories last a lifetime…

Exchanging Gifts

Bride sheds a tear over grooms thoughtful wedding day gift

As you get ready separately, the delivery of a gift from your partner is a heartfelt moment often filled with tears, laughter and excitement. Whether it’s a handwritten letter or a sentimental keepsake, capturing the reactions as the couple open their gifts can produce some of the most touching images of the day.

First Kiss

bride and groom enjoy first kiss after just getting married

The first kiss is the most iconic moment of the entire day! It has to be one of the top wedding moments to capture on camera. From the moment you first set your eyes on one another, you will be waiting for those magic words that declare you officially married. Your photographer will be ready to capture your first kiss as a married couple.

Confetti Throw

Bride and groom smile as wedding guest throw confetti over them

The confetti throw is also a moment filled with joy. Choose real petal confetti, with a mixture of petal sizes, for guests to shower you as you exit the ceremony. Capture this colourful part of the day to reflect the celebratory atmosphere.

The Details

A photo of a brides wedding day details

Weddings are filled with decorations and details that make the day personal and unique. From stationery to centrepieces and flowers to footwear, these detail shots add depth to the wedding album. Capture them to tell a story of the wedding day.

Wedding party

Bride with all her bridesmaids on her wedding day

Group photos of the wedding party, including bridesmaids, groomsmen and close family members, are essential. These shots capture the camaraderie and support system surrounding the couple – and of course, you need a posed shot of everyone in their best dress!

Making an Entrance

Bride and groom cheer as they are welcomed in to their wedding breakfast

The entrance to the wedding breakfast is another key wedding moment to capture on camera. It’s your first grand entrance as a married couple. Ask your guests to whoop, cheer and wave their napkins above their heads as you walk into the room hand-in-hand.

Cake Cut

A smiley bride and groom cut their wedding cake

The cake-cutting ceremony is a long-standing tradition, still included in modern weddings. The first task the married couple embark on together, the cake cut provides ample opportunity for candid photos. Position the cake in front of a pretty backdrop to make this one of the key wedding photo ideas.

Golden Hour

Bride and groom share kiss with a dramatic Devon backdrop.

Take advantage of the golden hour with romantic couple portraits taken in the warm glow of the sunset. By this point in the day, the couple usually feel more relaxed in front of the camera. This combined with the soft lighting results in dreamy photographs.

The First Dance

Bride and groom kiss in the rain for stunning photo

Also an obvious point in the day to have your picture taken is the first dance. Whether you perform a full choreographed routine or invite guests to join you a few seconds in, your photographer will be right there with you on the dance floor. Unusual wedding photo ideas for the first dance include a candlelit dance or dancing outside under the stars.

Sparkler Send-off

Bride and groom share a kiss at wedding with loved ones holding sparklers

Ending the night with a bright display provides a dramatic finale to the wedding day. Make your way through a tunnel of dazzling sparklers, with your photographer capturing you as you head into married life.

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