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DARTMOOR PRE-WEDDING SHOOT - Why are pre-wedding shoots a great idea?

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

I thought I would write a quick blog on why I love doing pre-wedding and engagement shoots and why they are so beneficial for the couple. I will also post some photos from my latest pre-wedding shoot to give you an idea on what to expect. I offer a free pre-wedding shoot with my full day package.

So why are they a good idea?

The main reason I like to do them is because of how much they actually help on the big day.

We all know weddings are a big deal - months and months of planning, lots of excitement building up - so of course when the day arrives, there is going to be some expected nerves. Nerves made worse when some person you hardly know turns up with a big camera and starts taking photos of you. So, this is why I love pre-wedding shoots. After getting to know me and seeing the way I work for an hour, it helps to calm those nerves for you. You've also had your pre-wedding shoot album and are now (hopefully!) excited to see what photos I can capture on your day!

Why else?

It helps me to get an idea of what kind of couple you are. I always make it my goal to capture what the couple are really like, rather than posing in a way you feel awkward and isn't natural for you. So pre-wedding shoots gives me a good head start before the wedding.

They are also great for us to have long chat about your wedding, discuss any things you particularly want or don't. By the end of it, we will all know each other a lot better.

The photos

I'm going to pop some photos in from my last pre-wedding shoot so you can see what to expect, also here is a lovely review Christina & Aaron left me about the shoot.

"We recently had our pre-wedding photoshoot with Toby and it was awesome. My partner and I were pretty nervous going into it, as we didn't know what to expect, but as soon as we met with Toby to start shooting we were made to feel very comfortable and the overall experience was incredible. Also, Toby was an absolute star with us on the day. He knew exactly what to capture and had a super quick eye for picking up cool photo spots. Toby also turned the photos around in quick time and they are perfect, more than anything we could ever imagine. We honestly can't wait for Toby to capture our wedding! So so happy we chose Toby to photograph our special day!"

Happy young couple standing facing each other holding hands in a beautiful forest on Dartmoor

Newly-engaged couple walking across beautiful moorland in Dartmoor National Park

Young couple linking arms while walking through beautiful countryside in Devon

Young couple laughing and embracing each other in front of a beautiful Devonshire countryside backdrop

Newly-engaged couple embrace and kiss in front of beautiful countryside

Young couple laughing and having fun in Dartmoor National Park

Young couple holding hands while walking up a country lane with Dartmoor ponies

Couple embrace and kiss in a forest

Happy, smiling couple sitting on a fallen tree stump laughing

Newly-engaged couple embrace while man picks up his fiancee in front of countryside scenery

Young couple sitting on a fallen tree holding hands and kissing

Young woman sits on her fiancee's lap gazing at him lovingly during a pre-wedding photoshoot in a forest

Young woman sitting on her boyfriends lap while he sits on a fallen tree in a forest

Young man leads his girlfriend through a forest by hand

Young couple sitting on a fallen tree holding hands and kissing

Young couple pose for Devon wedding photographer in an engagement shoot in Dartmoor National Park

Young man helping his girlfriend over a fallen tree in a forest

Young couple standing against a tree in a forest kissing

Young couple stand closely with their foreheads touching

Young couple embracing and standing with their foreheads touching in a forest

Newly-engaged couple in a forest holding hands and kissing

Intimate portrait photograph of a newly-engaged couple embracing and standing with their foreheads touching

Young couple walking through beautiful countryside holding hands

Young couple embrace with hands on each other's faces in Dartmoor National Park during engagement photography shoot

Man and woman stand amongst trees embracing and kissing

Young couple embrace in a forest on Dartmoor

Young couple kissing amongst trees in Dartmoor National Park

Young couple hugging while standing amongst trees

Young couple hugging and touching noses while standing in forest on Dartmoor in Devon

Happy, smiling couple walking towards the camera

Young couple, dressed in casual clothes, standing on a rural dirt track through a forest, kissing

Young couple wearing winter coats, kissing in a forest

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