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Some of my favourite shots from 2022

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Hi everyone. Seeing as it's almost the end of the year, I thought I would write a blog showcasing some of my favourite images with a small description on each one!

I also want to thank everyone who has supported me this year - all my wonderful couples, anyone who has recommended me, my family and my amazing partner/spell checker Anna, who has helped me with my journey with photography.

The photos .......

Beautiful bride wearing wedding dress and holding a large bouquet of flowers posing for wedding photographer Toby Lidstone

I love this bridal portrait. It is one of my favourites from Hannah and Jason's wedding. I pictured this shot in my head as soon as I saw the long corridor at Shilstone House.

Newly-engaged couple laughing with each other and their dogs while sitting on a sand dune.

This beach shot from Genna & Liam's pre-wedding engagement shoot is just filled with happiness, I think I like it so much because even the dog looks like he's got a smile on his face!

Bride and groom enjoying their first dance while wedding guests look on

This shot for me shows two friends who I've known for 15 years finally get married. I was lucky enough to be there to photograph their wedding for them. Two of the loveliest of people.

Newly-married couple embracing while lying on a rustic forest fall covered in autumnal leaves.

This was taken on Charley & Adam's pre-wedding shoot. I was happy with how it turned out considering I had to climb up and hang out of a tree to get it!

Devon wedding photographer Toby Lidstone sitting in a tree to photograph bride and groom


Bride and groom dancing on hillside in Dartmoor National Park under a moody stormy sky

I'm a sucker for moody and dramatic landscapes so I was really pleased with this shot from Rajini & Hersharnth's pre-wedding shoot in Dartmoor National Park.

Bride and groom dancing inside a lit up building with a starry sky outside

What I love about photography is being able to picture something in my head and then create it. It was a cloudy day on this wedding, but I loved this little building at Rockbeare Manor so wanted to create something special. I took the shot of Anna and John having a dance and then later on added the stars (from a photo I took a few weeks before).

Bride wearing a beautiful wedding dress walking down a grand staircase inside Devon wedding venue

Rockbeare Manor's staircase really does make a good shot!

Bride and groom kissing beneath a willow tree covered in fairy lights

One of my top three photos from 2022. It rained 85% of the day on Genna & Liam's wedding, so I was very chuffed to have managed to grab this shot on Sandy Cove Hotel's steps.

Groomsmen and groom walking across a field holding pints of beer at Devon wedding

I just think it's a really cool shot. Friends having a pint before watching their mate get married!

Bride and groom standing beneath a rustic coloured tree, while husband kisses bride on forehead

The colours, the little smile on Polly's face and whole feel of the photo.

Bride and groom standing in a field embracing and gazing at each other lovingly.

I like the posing and the feeling of love you get from this!

Bride and groom standing in a Devonshire country lane embracing and kissing

This shot brings back memories of us constantly stepping aside to let cars (normally beeping with congratulations) go past, but it was so worth it for this shot of Beth & Mark on the road next to Bickley Mill.

Mum holding baby in the air and smiling while surrounded by a beautiful forest environment

Not a wedding photo, but a photo of my Fiance and our beautiful boy taken just after we were getting over Jesse being very poorly.

Cute little girl wearing glasses and reading The Power of Now while holding a cup of coffee

Look how adorable my beautiful daughter is! I have around five minutes to set up and take a shot before she looses interest, but this one turned out great.

Indian bride and group cutting a magnificent wedding cake while being showered in confetti

This is how every cake cut should be done!! How amazing does all the confetti look.

Bride and groom standing beneath rustic autumnal coloured tree while embracing

I love this photo of Kris & Naomi, they were the sweetest couple ever and didn't mind having to walk in a little drizzle to get some shots.

Indian bride looking up at camera smiling while groom embraces her

How stunning does Rajini look? It was such a colourful and energetic wedding.

Bride resting head on groom's shoulder while enjoying first dance at Tavistock town hall

Tavistock town hall made a brilliant backdrop for this first dance photo. It even had spot lights that lit Kris & Naomi up for me.

Beautiful bride walking up a set of steps in rustic Devon village

Polly showing off her beautiful dress, the whole wedding had such a nice feeling of Autumn. Polly picked her flowers perfectly to fit in with the day.

Newly-married couple embracing and gazing at each other lovingly in front of large oak door

I really like this photo of Aimee & Ryan, beautiful smiles and colours again. It was also my last wedding of 2022.

Toby Lidstone Photography with his family

Just want to say a massive thank you to all my lovely couples past and future for having me as their wedding photographer. I can't wait to see what 2023 brings. From my family to yours, Happy New Year!

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